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“On donna donc au roi dix gouttes de cet elixir dans du vin d'Alicante, sur les onze heures du matin. Quelque temps après il se trouva plus fort "


"Journal de la maladie du Roi" 1715. Louis de Rouvroy, Duke of Saint-Simon. Chronicler of King Louis XIV of France.

Company "Collection of Toneles Centenarios SL"

Canada. Alto Vinalopó. Alicante

fondillon wine bottle botella vino luis xiv
Toneles bodegueros y vino

A Fondillón barrel room, asleep for 60 years.

The Colección de Toneles Centenarios company is formed from an extraordinary treasure: the barrel room of the Ferrero wineries, an old wine-producing winery in Alicante, located in the town of Cañada, Alicante.

25 old barrels that were forgotten for more than 60 years, and carefully recovered in 2015.

Casks from the middle of the 19th century

containing wines of extraordinary old age.


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Fondillon Luis XIV English
Colección de Toneles Centenarios

Fondillon Luis XIV English

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