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Fondillon wine bottle of 50 cl, with individual wooden case  solid tinted.


Awards and honours:

99  points in the Peñin Guide.


The run of 2021.

Qualification : Fondillon, Denomination of Origin Alicante.

Barrel Name: Luna.

Total number of bottles: 323  bottles.

Parenting : Age over 50 years


Very limited edition:

  Each bottle corresponds to a specific bag, and the following information is indicated on its back label:

  • Name of the main barrel of the sack.
  •   Bottle number.
  •   Total number of bottles of each run.

The high range of Fondillón Luis XIV comes from unique barrels (single barrel), from the wineries that closed their doors in the 1960s, in the towns of Canyada and Beneixama. Special wineries, which produced high-end Fondillones during the 19th century. XIX.

On the back label we indicate the name of the bottled barrel, the total print run, the bottle number and
the year in which the run was made.

Our wine comes from an old forgotten barrel, in a historic cellar. A recovered treasure.
For us, the most important thing is the great balance that we find in such old wines.
Acidity, sweetness and depth complement each other very well, and everything is enveloped by the very old aromas
of the centenary oak.



"Very deep mahogany color  and orange tile rim with greenish flashes, with a high layer  and high density.

It smells like noble furniture, enveloped by a delicious aroma of coffee, nuts, dates, black tea..."

In the mouth, it has a sweet entrance balanced by a very high acidity. Its aromas are long, almost eternal and very intense.

It tastes like old mahogany, a very old barrel and past time."




Due to its great structure, it is a perfect wine to drink on its own. It also works very well on the table, accompanying desserts with a cocoa base and traditional cakes. Very good harmony with nougat, marzipan and chocolates.

In Alicante, it is tradition that it accompanies the great celebrations,

Fondillón Luis XIV, 50 years old

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