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50 cl Fondillón wine bottle, with beech wood head cap.

The Issue of May 2020

Qualification : Fondillón, Denomination of Origin Alicante.

Name of the Barrels: Cupido and La Cova de Pena

Total number of bottles: 800 bottles.

Aging : Age Over 25 years

Blend from wines stored in our barrel room, and which are at least 25 years old.

The character of the Monastrell grape aged in old centenary barrels, without haste and in the silence of an ancestral winery.


Light brown color and orange tile rim, with medium intensity. On the nose, the warm aromas of dried fruits (hazelnuts, toasted marcona almonds) and very old noble wood stand out.

In the mouth, it is almost dry, friendly and very enveloping. Its aromas of hazelnuts, cinnamon and dried figs are combined with the creamy toasts of centennial oak. Long and clean finish.

Fondillón Luis XIV, age over 25 years.

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